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Ex Car Salesman Reveals 10 Steps Every Car Buyer Should Know To Avoid Getting Ripped Off
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“Dealerships obviously sell cars, but you wouldn’t believe how much money they make offering high interest rate car loans through financial partners.”

Daniel, a former car salesman for one of Canada’s largest dealerships, explained that these companies make extremely high profits overcharging people who don’t do their homework.

This is the one simple truth your dealership doesn’t want you to know…

If you are looking to buy a car, have bad credit, poor or no credit, but have a job that pays more than $1,800 per month – a free tool like may be exactly what you need. And even if you have no credit, bankruptcy, or have had a car repossessed, you can still qualify for lower monthly rates as long as you follow the steps below.

Canadians can enter their postal code and information into car loan comparison sites like in less than 1 minute to qualify for the lowest auto rates and many are shocked by the results.

However, many drivers are unaware these services exist and concede to high interest rates from a dealership’s in-house provider or financial partner.

“If you have bad credit, where do you start? You need a car and after finding the perfect one most people don’t want to be told they have to research a lender. People overpay because most blindly accept their first approved loan without knowing how easy it is to use a comparison service.”

We’re tired of hearing about Canadians getting ripped off, so we asked Daniel to explain how a car buyer can ensure they’re getting the best deal around.

What Steps Can You Take To Save Money When Buying a New Car?

  1. DO NOT finance your car through the dealership without comparing rates online, you can almost always save money
  2. Get a pre-approved car loan the same day using a free online comparison site like Auto Credit Deals one of Canada’s leading providers
  3. Enter your postal code and information as accurately as possible
  4. If you have a job, answer “YES” and state your length of employment (better if it’s 3+ months)
  5. If you earn $1,800+ /mo you can qualify for more money often with lower rates
  6. Confirm your phone number is accurate before submitting so you can get your questions answered by a real person
  7. Ask about $0 down options and how it impacts your monthly installments
  8. You DO NOT have to accept a loan just because you’re approved!!
  9. If you’re happy with your terms, go pick up your new car!
  10. If you feel you deserve a lower rate, use your pre-approved loan to negotiate lower rates somewhere else. Contact a bank or dealership and share the terms of your approved loan. Ask them to “beat your rate” so they have to WIN your business by finding ways to offer a better loan
If you would like to find the lowest rates possible, use this free tool and Click Here. Once you answer a few quick questions, you will have the opportunity to review and instantly qualify for the lowest rates so you can get on the road in a new car and save money too.


If you want to get the best car for your money, you’ll need a loan from an outside lender like before walking into the dealership.

Click below to apply for a car loan with the lowest rate! It takes less than 3 minutes:

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