When his credit got ruined from cell phone charges that went to collections, he found a brilliant way to still get approved for a car loan at a low rate and payment!
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Like many Canadians one of the first things Tom did when he got out of high school was get a cell phone. He signed up, and everything seemed to be going great. When things took a wrong turn, autocreditdeals.ca was there to help.

Tom took a trip down to the US and didn't think anything of it. He wasn't downloading music or movies, but he used his cell phone to use maps so he could find his way around.

Well the trip ended, but that's when the real problems started.

Fast forward 3 weeks and he was staring down a bill from his wireless provider for over $1,000!

How could this be, he'd only used his phone for a few minutes while south of the border...

He called in and they were less than sympathetic. He was stuck with a massive bill that he had no way of paying. Tom said, forget it - and cancelled his plan and got a new plan with a different cell company.

Shortly after this incident Tom moved and didn't update his address with his old carrier (why would he right?)...

Four years went by and he never thought anything of it. Then one day he went to his bank to get a car loan and they said "you have a collections on your account from four years ago for over a thousand dollars..." Tom was floored - how could this be - he cancelled his account. What he didn't realize is although it was cancelled, he still owed this money. He felt duped -- and what's worse is now his bank told him he couldn't get a car loan - and he needed a reliable vehicle for work.

Tom wasn't ready to give up so he did some research online and found out his bank wasn't the only option for getting auto financing.

He ran into a company - Auto Credit Deals

He was skeptical at first, but when he did more research he found out that they weren't like the banks. They had access to a ton of different lenders - even his own bank. Their services works to get you approved even if you've had credit issues in the past.

It's really quite simple: If you want to buy a new car, have bad credit or no credit, but you have a job and make at least $1,800 a month you can use a free online tool like autocreditdeals.ca to get the best deal possible. You can still qualify for the lowest loan rates even if you have gone through bankruptcy, have had a car repossessed in the past, or have no credit at all.

Canadians enter the vehicle type they want and the price they want to pay into a site like autocreditdeals.ca and automatically qualify for the lowest possible loan rates. He was shocked at how quick and easy it was and that it took less than 2 minutes to apply online.

Many drivers don't even know that services like this exist, and end up paying the high interest rates provided by a dealership's in-house provider or one of their lenders.

If you have ever been faced with a situation similar to Tom's, or if for any reason your credit score isn't the best, you owe it to yourself to try the free service provided by autocreditdeals.ca. You can apply online from anywhere and it only takes a few minutes!

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